I Recreated My Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #8
Hey guys! Today I am doing another baking video where I take one of my art creations (in this case one of my original squishy designs from my squishy makeover series) and attempt to bake and bring it to life. These are always such a cluster of fails and struggles since I obviously have no clue how to bake properly. But you guys ask for it, so here it is!

I tried to create a "dessert burger" which isn't a real thing, so I had no option but to kind of wing it. Being a complete beginner baker, this was quite a struggle even with "easy recipes" that I used. It involved making homemade sweet rolls, brownies and working with frosting. Hope you like it!

WATCH THE CREATION OF THE ORIGINAL SQUISHY: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk5wb...

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  • Caroline Hill
    Caroline Hill

    You forgot the sprinkles

  • Indira Girdharry
    Indira Girdharry

    I'm not a professional baker but you should take what ever you've baked out of the pan IF you leave them to cool in a freezer, because if not they will stick in the pan and it will be harder to remove.

  • deanne leavitt
    deanne leavitt

    In the next baking video she should do the set of rainbow cupcakes that she made!!!!

  • Cookies n' Milk
    Cookies n' Milk

    Pls do more baking!

  • RainStxrmy


  • Sophia Phin
    Sophia Phin

    i love how Moriah completly ignored how she almost cut her finger and continued like nothing happend and i love your vids

  • Neo kola
    Neo kola

    i thought sprinkles had fiungers down my spine song :[

  • Mia Aqui
    Mia Aqui

    I need to eat that!!!!!!!

  • Gina Hefflintiger
    Gina Hefflintiger

    I just want to learn how she keeps her kitchen so clean

  • David Hatcher
    David Hatcher

    19:45 there was a hair on the brownie. lol

  • SnoopyFunniest

    Now Moriah If you want to put the buns in the oven where would you have cooked your brownie???

  • Melissa Andrade
    Melissa Andrade

    The heavenly heavy hellish turnover differently attach because baseball concurringly cheat via a alive roast. loutish, fine estimate

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    i dont have ny ideas for drawing can somone give me an idea

  • Chris Warax
    Chris Warax

    im waiting till she makes a pickel the dino one

  • Nana&Ari

    Please…… Save yourself don’t watch this while eating I tried it and I’m very disturbed.🤣🤣🤣

  • Malin Langvik
    Malin Langvik

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  • Neo kola
    Neo kola

    do eveen more baking

  • Aileen Pamintuan
    Aileen Pamintuan

    Now I'm hungry-

  • Zuan Meyer
    Zuan Meyer

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  • 123 Bucher
    123 Bucher

    You should draw the drips with a pippeing bag

  • Maggie WATT
    Maggie WATT

    good job

  • 123 Bucher
    123 Bucher


  • Franklin's Stuff
    Franklin's Stuff


  • fatima anzar
    fatima anzar

    Who else actually learned a few things from these videos. Just me ok 😊

  • Choco_ Lizzi
    Choco_ Lizzi

    Tbh, it makes me paranoid when ppl crack eggs STRAIGHT INTO THE MIXER- Because my mum makes cakes and usually cracks it into a random old cup so she can take out the eggshells

  • callie quick
    callie quick

    why was this video extra hilarious

  • RosePlaysROBLOX


  • RosePlaysROBLOX

    Me watching this while eating a brownie thinks that maybe that will be very vood

  • blair habbestad
    blair habbestad

    The squishy ghost has possessed u!!!!

  • Lizzy 1.0
    Lizzy 1.0

    Do u mind if I use ur Dessert burger to sell in my pastry/cafe in the future? In a smaller scale ofc

  • Leigh Blackwell
    Leigh Blackwell


  • The Kaufman Kids
    The Kaufman Kids

    *"We will not get first, we will not get second, we will not get third, but we will get that participation award."* This is something to live by.

  • Super Livvy
    Super Livvy

    *da da wuh JEEE* *fowa* *mehg* -Moria Elizabeth 2021

  • Aspen Page
    Aspen Page


  • Shaz Chaz
    Shaz Chaz

    Moriah:*tries to explain her process* Opie:No, look at me

  • Heather McNamara
    Heather McNamara

    Is it bad that I forgot about her-

  • « F R O G »
    « F R O G »

    I was seeing that weird rotten brain while I was eating

  • Vasilisa Kutuzov
    Vasilisa Kutuzov

    Moriah: makes her eyeshadow look good and says it looks bad Me: forgets that blue+pink=purple and that purple looks like a black eye

  • Hi

    " It's really weird... I think I like it" I can't stop laughing she always can make me laugh. 😂

  • Daurelys Rivera-Nieves
    Daurelys Rivera-Nieves

    6:52 LMAO 😭😭😭

  • Heather Mowery
    Heather Mowery

    moriah please make more baking vidios

  • Drawplayreact&more

    My mom and I love to bake homemade bread

  • PûppÿPłùšh

    I like the colors of her nails

  • Maisel the One and Only
    Maisel the One and Only

    Don’t put plastic wrap in the microwave or oven while it’s on 🤪

  • Nicole Lis
    Nicole Lis

    Does anyone else notice in every baking video Moriah says, "*Ohhhh, it smells heavenly*"

  • Abigail Wilkerson
    Abigail Wilkerson

    It looks great! Just so you know though, I couldn’t tell if you did pour oil down your sink, but don’t do that! It can clog up your drain, and then you might have to end up having to pay someone to clean it out, since water and oil don’t mix, and you can’t just rinse it away easily. Just trying to save you from any trouble. I love your videos! 😊

  • 💜🥛MilkyArmy🥛💜

    I’m literally obsessed with this series!

  • Meredith Abelson
    Meredith Abelson

    congratulations! You make a new type food, and I would defiantly try it. It looks really good!🍔😋🤣

  • Brieann Street
    Brieann Street

    when she said it smelt like mac and cheese I was eating mac and cheese

  • Natalie Tse
    Natalie Tse

    Moriah is not just a artist she is also a cooker

  • Joseph Hicks
    Joseph Hicks

    Level 10000:Shelly and usetess Sorry if I spell usetess wrong

  • Max Morgan
    Max Morgan

    The edits make moriah 10,000,000,000 times funny

  • Jurgita Galinaitiene
    Jurgita Galinaitiene

    i literary eat dessert while watching every channel of Moriah Elizabeth

  • pandacorn squad
    pandacorn squad

    I don’t think she was supposed to put the chocolate Sauce in the mix of brownies I think is was supposed to go on top when they are done or she just had no Where to put it I love how she doesn’t pretend to be a professional I love all her videos but this is one of my favorite Sieries (I know I spelled a lot of words wrong)

  • Blaise Verderame
    Blaise Verderame

    Can you put the recipes in the description

  • Leanna


  • gacha girl
    gacha girl

    You should of made the bun out of carimal

  • Lps Trooper Studios
    Lps Trooper Studios

    My cat also does that with plastic it’s actually a eating disorder don’t worry it’s not bad just weird 😁✌️😶‍🌫️

  • Kevin Tate
    Kevin Tate

    You -cewatwsa-new food o my dawd wow😱do a video presenting your dessert and naming it!, The weird word with these around it➡. - isnt a real word😦😱😮😶 it was meant to be ~created ~ okeh bey!

  • Kevin Tate
    Kevin Tate

    Your voice is perfect for someone who'd do news your voice is perfect and its not like other BGfixr's voices yours is extrodanary and unlike anyone else's I love it and I'm trying not to be offensive sorry if I am and I luv your content and subbed to you on all my devices🙂☺😊

  • Faith Wooten
    Faith Wooten

    Can u paint on more seashells

  • Lahman Tarir
    Lahman Tarir

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  • Hyunjin We love you
    Hyunjin We love you

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  • Meatslicr McDuncan
    Meatslicr McDuncan

    i love you too much

  • Ava Thorne
    Ava Thorne

    I think it would be cool if she did that “under the sea” cake squishy Like if u think the same thing


    I love the look of it you’re a very good cook.

  • Dudasonicunraveltwo

    Imagine putting tankmans ugh when she said ugh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Parker Wilson
    Parker Wilson

    She looks to the side.????

  • Jen Brodie
    Jen Brodie

    Moriah: I still look like a GHOST! Me: *gasps* MORIAH IS THE SQUISHY GHOST!!!!

  • Fidgetz4Eva

    Am I just the only one her found her and now is addicted to her vids😋🤩🤨

  • Alaysia McNack
    Alaysia McNack

    i love her cooking videos so much

  • ohan spaghettio
    ohan spaghettio

    i do not no how to cook or bake

  • ohan spaghettio
    ohan spaghettio

    you didn’t grease the pan

  • ohan spaghettio
    ohan spaghettio

    I wont make fun of you because your my favorite youtuber

  • Ruffles Cake
    Ruffles Cake


  • lovebird sisters
    lovebird sisters

    tip don't put it in the freezer. let it cool on the counter

  • Bella RANKIN
    Bella RANKIN

    moriah: its smells like rotten egg me : ummm how does she know what rotton egg smells like hehe

  • Alana Buchter
    Alana Buchter

    Can you please please give me that?

  • rose bud
    rose bud

    I had to make bread for a summer program when I was just out of first grade

  • rose bud
    rose bud

    4-6 months dont you mean 4+6

  • Jenna Bell
    Jenna Bell

    What type of candle do you have in the background???

  • Pickle Dinosaur
    Pickle Dinosaur

    Moriah: We’re gonna relax also moriah later: IDIOT

  • Gwendolyn Dyer
    Gwendolyn Dyer

    um the thing is the choco sauce is not supposed to go in the browni mix it is a topping

  • PixieLailaStar 12
    PixieLailaStar 12

    I do not want to make fun of you I love your videos and you YOU ARE SO SOOOOOO GOOD AT BAKING YOU ARE THE BEST AND SO COOL

  • Emma F
    Emma F

    Please don’t end the series after this video!!!

  • Manon HAO ARAUJO
    Manon HAO ARAUJO

    Moriah:THERE COMING! me:should i be worried...?

  • Seren Harrington
    Seren Harrington

    Um I think she watched ginny and Georgia... Remember when Joe said "don't cry over spilled condiments" well Moriah said "don't cry over splashed milk" but maybe it's a common phrase idk

  • Happy Sprout
    Happy Sprout

    Did Moriah just invent a new dessert? And it surprisingly tastes good?

  • Barbara Velazquez
    Barbara Velazquez

    you should do a baking video every one month

  • Sawyer

    Whenever she said 'idiot!' I thought of Gordon Ramsey 'idiot sandwich' 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣 love you moriah!

  • Christie Duke
    Christie Duke

    Two words, gormay meal!

  • -sunflower-

    So when is your fast food chain opening

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    Angie Dean

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    Meghan Jacobs

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    Janis Beyer

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    Ava Thorne

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    Chantelle McIntosh

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  • Brianna Dill
    Brianna Dill

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  • The Goldfish290
    The Goldfish290

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  • Hamza Ali Mohd
    Hamza Ali Mohd

    4:04 milk dripping out of her mouth

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