Art Things Things To Do When Bored #6

  • DJ CanD
    DJ CanD

    An art thing to do when bored: make a list of art things to do when you’re bored

  • Victoria Olberding
    Victoria Olberding

    I LOVE galactic cat sooooo much. I like the galaxy vibe.

  • Indigo Rose
    Indigo Rose

    Future Mrs Grant... brb ima go ask my teacher if she used transfers for her wedding.

  • Brook_playzYT

    When she was talking about chalk it triggered my anxiety

  • Nate Hogan
    Nate Hogan

    Can you say zozo in one of your videos

  • Itz̃_Rxiõ

    5:12 me too

  • The FIVE friends
    The FIVE friends

    Updated room tour please I beg you please please please please please please please please

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D

    Who here loves Moriah’s songs of choice? 🎶 ❤️

  • Daliah Vega
    Daliah Vega

    Me: *watches entire thing* Also me: *decides to just go paint a rock and call it a day*

  • Noelle Denton
    Noelle Denton

    I love the series

  • VizzoAnimates

    Art Things Things To Do When Bored. Hope you noticed it.

  • Lalia Danes
    Lalia Danes

    omg your so good

  • KazumiRiachi _
    KazumiRiachi _

    I feel like Moriah has been my friend for more than 10 years

  • The Legendary MonkeyDragon
    The Legendary MonkeyDragon

    Bring the Balloon Monkey back! I love him!!!!!

  • Temperance Rikard
    Temperance Rikard

    you put 2 Things in your title

  • Caitlin Vallett
    Caitlin Vallett

    You made me get the goose bumps when you started talking about chalk and how dry it was and how your nails scape it

  • Shay Salazar
    Shay Salazar

    Can u make that monkey shirt Merch??

  • Mommy B
    Mommy B

    Why does she whisper and then shout

  • Jos

    Is it just me or there is a problem with the title? (you put 'things' two times). A little mistake doesn't change anything about you're super video! Love ya Moriah!

  • SS - SFCK 957832 Treeline PS
    SS - SFCK 957832 Treeline PS


  • aubreyinnit

    “Art things things to do when bored” -title

  • Layla's vlogs
    Layla's vlogs


  • Mauro Portelli
    Mauro Portelli

    The chalk markers looked like the posca pens

  • Sophia Simmons
    Sophia Simmons

    OMG moriah ur sooo funny I luv ur videos

  • Faith_Gaming

    Sorry for mentioning this but in the title the word “things” is typed twice instead of once I thought that was kinda funny

  • Avery E
    Avery E

    Hehe, the title of this video is art things things to do when bored! 😋 It says things twice!

  • Clara Harderson
    Clara Harderson

    1 like equals I less plaid shorts for Moriah

  • Simply Em
    Simply Em

    Teacher: Class who can define the word “iconic” Me as in actually myself: exhibit A: Mariah Elizebeth

  • Yanielis Morales
    Yanielis Morales

    I have a question: what do you recommend chalkboard spray paint or chalkboard paint

  • xXMinty BobaXx
    xXMinty BobaXx

    Man Moriah

  • · K a w a i i G i r l H a r p e r ·
    · K a w a i i G i r l H a r p e r ·


  • Keyla Morales
    Keyla Morales

    I like the art it’s so cool

  • Trisha Patel
    Trisha Patel

    You can chalkboard book on the cover

  • Sloth Sisters
    Sloth Sisters

    I love how Moriah is so funny but so talented at making crafts at the same time

  • Shanira H
    Shanira H

    Bean art is hooman scratching thing

  • coompaze


  • deecharming

    How about trying decoupage

  • Dhruva Rai
    Dhruva Rai

    Wish I could be her little sister I am jelious

  • Cookie the hamster
    Cookie the hamster

    Let's be honest, Moriah is the art teacher we all wish we had.

  • Candy Gore
    Candy Gore

    i hate it when all that happens with chalk to CHALK IS THE WORST

  • Amie Kids
    Amie Kids

    I feel the same way about chalk

  • logan brown
    logan brown

    I can turn anything into a chalkboard you say (I was thinking while grabbing my cat) Also when you were talking about your chalk loathness I was CRYING inside

  • Brandy LaVoie
    Brandy LaVoie

    I have that shirt.

  • Idk What to call this
    Idk What to call this

    Look at the title and reply when you see it

  • Thomas Wolf
    Thomas Wolf

    I always bored

  • Thomas Wolf
    Thomas Wolf

    Love this

  • Caleigh Hefford 31 (STUDENT)
    Caleigh Hefford 31 (STUDENT)

    i agree with you I don't like chalk either feels really weird on my hands

  • Pickle Dinosaur
    Pickle Dinosaur

    Moriah : just plays music when she puts sprinkles on the pink stuff on the candy jar. Me: awww I like the sprinkle song. Hi moriah love you vids

  • Izzy Hardy
    Izzy Hardy

    That shirt looks great on you

  • culthero72

    I think the first one is cool too...

  • Carrie Duff
    Carrie Duff

    Hii im a realy big fan

  • teletubby queen
    teletubby queen

    A T U B B Y C U S T A R D B O W L C H A L K B O A R D .

  • Chris Gell
    Chris Gell

    The shirt looks better when it’s inverted🦥🦥

  • Emily the girl
    Emily the girl


  • Emily the girl
    Emily the girl

    I gotten your sqoshymagc

  • Ryan Stashak
    Ryan Stashak

    I think that T-shirt looks great on you 💖🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Adeeba Bint Ehthesham
    Adeeba Bint Ehthesham

    product to use in halloween - 5:06

  • Kenadee Hagensick
    Kenadee Hagensick

    Where are you spray painting at

  • nikoline Fuglsang :-D
    nikoline Fuglsang :-D

    I got a wierd idea to you :) now when i think about it u normaly drawing of your carectors is the head BUT! What if u drawing your carectors in all many difrent ways and draw then you can draw then as u want but just not showing there face on any of the drawing so it could be the feets, the arms anythink just not the head:)

  • Besties

    Did poi die?

  • Mirna Gonzalez
    Mirna Gonzalez

    The first bean art was actually really good redoing it was unnecessary

  • Harlow Strathie
    Harlow Strathie

    Make sure you get love

  • starmaya michael
    starmaya michael

    With the bean art I really do like both of them but really I do like the pickle one quite a lot more

  • Mackenzie Wolfe
    Mackenzie Wolfe

    Plus it’s my family’s favourite BGfix Chanel

  • Linnea S.
    Linnea S.

    Did you ever erase it?

  • Lady Shadow
    Lady Shadow

    Beans, beans, they're good for your... aRt

  • Abigail Rose
    Abigail Rose

    Make a number 7!!!!

  • Solara Dennis
    Solara Dennis

    The thumb nail for this video is creepy

  • Jennifer Munro
    Jennifer Munro


  • •Ellx The Ãlphx•
    •Ellx The Ãlphx•

    what do they do with cauldrons?cook up body parts and stuff like that IDK

  • •Ellx The Ãlphx•
    •Ellx The Ãlphx•

    The thumbnail says what her personality is😂

  • Boby Gogoi
    Boby Gogoi

    Which app you use for editing your videos?? Pls tell

  • Mackenzie Wolfe
    Mackenzie Wolfe

    Out of all my favourite BGfixrs your my favourite

  • Irum ilyas
    Irum ilyas

    i love all ur vids there so cool. im 9

  • udai sawant
    udai sawant


  • Allison

    Please make more squishy makeovers pls

  • Pai- tsuki
    Pai- tsuki

    1:05 bored hord 😅

  • S Crawford
    S Crawford

    Can you tell me where you live

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang

    I knew it yay

  • Anozira Shirkey
    Anozira Shirkey

    Are you sly the pickle portrait of beans was better than ice cream cone and I'm just saying it just saying

  • DragonBishQueen

    Why is her mirror pretty but all mine are ugly??

  • Jacqui Quin
    Jacqui Quin

    I've done the t-shirt thing and it dose kinda come off but it dose stay on just try not to pick at it

  • Rayaa's Corner
    Rayaa's Corner

    Nice ♥︎

  • glossyanea

    Not me reading the comments when i read the comments that says ”it smells marshmellos for some reason” at the same time she says it

  • Emily Hudspeth
    Emily Hudspeth

    The first one was way better the pickle and sucked I don’t even mind that the white showing through

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera

    Maria:ah they be individually activated Me: you did the same thing with your Poska pens and you didn’t even care

  • itz me Ajab
    itz me Ajab

    I make videos too....

  • Emma C
    Emma C

    Dizzy cat squishy

  • Kara Killebrew
    Kara Killebrew

    Can you do the chalk spray on a squishy

  • Nilla Narrumi
    Nilla Narrumi

    🎃 👻 🍬

  • Nilla Narrumi
    Nilla Narrumi

    This was posted one day before Halloween!

  • James Barclay
    James Barclay

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I am a big fan OMG

  • Christine Holt
    Christine Holt

    I watch your videos and it’s so fun I love your paintings

  • ii._hxney-drizzle?

    I hate chalk for the exact reasons as you Mariah ❤️❤️❤️😂

  • XxGacha KittiesxX
    XxGacha KittiesxX

    omg its space cat again

  • XxGacha KittiesxX
    XxGacha KittiesxX

    anyone notice the outfit change

  • XxGacha KittiesxX
    XxGacha KittiesxX

    moriah: talking me: pickle rosy huah GORGIE

  • Demi leigh
    Demi leigh

    I love how when she messes up she just starts again but when I mess up I just give up 🤣

  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert

    Please make a squishy into a chalkboard

  • BlueOculus


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