Me. Painting on Things #2
Hey guys! So today’s video is another video of me just painting on things. literally. just. tHiNgS. I have done this once before and you guys seemed to like it. I basically just do this when I feel overwhelmed with ideas and just want to pick out some random items to customize as I feel inspired. Just like last time, I gave myself a bunch of options for different art activities to do including painting squishies, making custom pencil pouches, painting on tote bags, decorating seashells, rock painting, custom painting vans, my sketchbook, creating a digital painting (procreate art) decorating outlet covers, painting on random objects I've collected like vases, wooden craft items etc. Most of these I’ve done at some point on my channel. Some of them have become my kinda go-to, and some of them I hadn’t done in quite a while.

Hopefully it can give you some fun ideas for things to customize. All of these are cheap things that make for super fun painting projects.

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